All You Need To Know About Kissing 

Kissing is an art of showing love and affection that is practiced among many cultures. Even though kissing is thought to be universal, it actually isn’t. There are many cultures that frown upon social kissing, especially when it is done in public. But how exactly did kissing come to be? What is the history of kissing? There is actually no accurate record of when exactly kissing began. However, historians and behavioral scientists have pointed to the possibility of kissing being a learned behavior that evolved from 'kiss feeding’. Kiss feeding is the practice of feeding babies by passing masticated or chewed food from mouth-to-mouth, which is done by mothers in certain cultures. Historic texts have mentions of kissing, with a whole chapter of the Kama Sutra (which possibly dates back to the 2nd century) being devoted to modes of kissing. Even though we may never really know when the first actual kiss between humans happened, what remains true is that kissing is something that people have been doing for thousands of years and will continue to do for millions more. And it is not just people that kiss, animals too have been observed to engage in intimate displays of affection that imitate kissing. You can learn more at

Away from the history of kissing, it is fair enough to say that kissing is one of the most pleasurable ways of showing affection for and getting intimate with someone you like. No doubt, you remember your first kiss. The first kiss you ever have is always memorable, whether for good or bad reasons. Usually, it is for bad reasons but not to worry, it happens to a lot of people. Kisses are different depending on the occasion and the relationship between the two people. The way you’d kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend is not the same way you’d kiss your child. For this reason, there have evolved many different types of kisses, which you may not have been aware of when you had your first kiss (which may explain why it was horrible).


So which are the different types of kisses and what does each mean?

Forehead kiss. This kiss is usually used to express fondness and affection for a friend. If a guy you have been going out with for a short while kisses you on the forehead, it may mean that he wants to let you know he likes you and is setting the pace for a different kind of kiss afterwards. Depending on how the kiss is planted, a forehead kiss may also means someone deeply adores you e.g. when a husband kisses his wife’s forehead after she’s had a long day, while holding her close.

The Eskimo kiss. As the name suggests, this type of kiss originates from the Eskimo. This kiss is usually shared between parents and their children and involves rubbing your nose against your loved one’s nose back and forth. It, like the forehead kiss, is an indication of affection.

The close-lipped kiss. This type of kiss is a popular first kiss amongst many couples. It involves pressing your closed lips against your partner’s lips. This kiss usually acts as a prelude to other different types of kissing.

The French kiss. This is considered the most popular type of romantic kiss. In French kissing, your tongue must touch your partner’s tongue. For this reason, French kissing is also known as tongue kissing. You may take years to master the French kiss, but once you do you’ll find it very easy to execute.

The Hand kiss. This kiss is done by kissing the back of someone’s hand, while grasping their fingers gently. This type of kiss is used to show respect and adoration. It is used as a greeting in some cultures. Usually, it is a man who plants a hand kiss on a woman’s hand. 

Single-lip kiss. This type of kiss is for lovers and involves gently sucking someone’s lip. If you are thinking of sending a strong romantic signal to your lover, simply sandwich their lip between yours then suck gently.

The butterfly kiss. This is a fun type of kissing that can be done between friends or lovers. What happens is that you move close to the person you want to give a butterfly kiss, such that your eyelashes are touching. Just before kissing them on their lips or face, blink very fast so that your eyelashes flutter like butterfly wings. 

The peck. This is a brief, casual, tight-lipped kiss on the lips or cheeks. It is normally used to express friendship though in some instances it may ignite a spark between two people who go on to become romantically involved. 

The Air Kiss. This type of kiss is usually used as a form of greeting for friends and family. To air kiss someone involves resting your cheeks near someone’s cheeks and then producing a kissing sound. 

The Angel Kiss. This type of kiss indicates deep affection for someone and is used either to say goodbye to a loved one or to wake them up when they’re sleeping next to you. It involves kissing someone gently on their eyelids or on a spot near the eyes.

The Neck Kiss. This is a romantic kiss that is in most instances preceded by the French kiss. As the name suggests, the neck kiss involves kissing someone’s neck gently. It is important to learn to keep the saliva light and as you do not want to leave your partner dripping wet, unless that is what they like (which is unlikely). 


The Spiderman Kiss. This is also known as the Upside Down kiss and originates from the Spiderman movie. For this kiss to happen, you need to kiss someone whose head is upside down from yours. It is a playful type of kiss that can be executed when you are lying in bed with your partner on a lazy afternoon. Your bottom lip kisses your partner’s top lip and vice versa. 

The Jawline Kiss. This is a type of kiss that usually happens between people who are used to each other. If you just met someone, never attempt this kiss on them. It may have them running in the opposite direction. A jawline kiss involves firmly kissing the lower side of someone’s jaw, near the neck area. 

The Vampire Kiss. This is another kiss that is done for fun. It involves deep kissing, light biting and sucking on someone’s neck. This is yet another kiss that you should never attempt unless you are sure your partner is comfortable and ready for it.

With all these types of kisses, kissing can never be boring. But how do you get good at kissing, and how do you know which is the right type of kiss to plant on your partner’s lips, or body? Kissing is tricky business, that’s a fact. Many people have many stories of awkward kissing moments that they would rather forget. The truth is that kissing is very important and this is why people continue to do it, despite the many awkward moments. Moreover, you only get better at kissing if you practice. 

But why is kissing important? Research has it on record that the frequency of kissing (that is, how often you kiss) is correlated to relationship satisfaction. Happier couples kiss more, and many people will not hesitate to end a relationship if their partner is a bad kisser. An interesting fact to note is that many people remember their first kiss more vividly than they remember the first time they had sex, a fact that is backed up by research. So intimate is the act of kissing, that women of the 'oldest profession’ refuse to engage in it with their clients because it requires a genuine love and desire for the other person. 

Back to the questions earlier posed, how do you know which kiss to plant on your partner’s lips or face or body? The beginning of a relationship is when such questions come to mind, as you really have no idea what your partner likes. During this phase of a relationship, the best bet is to stick to the more universally accepted kisses such as the peck, the close-lipped kiss and so on. This way you are able to express affection for your partner without creeping them out. As your relationship progresses, you will be in a better position to gauge what it is that your partner likes. You will also be more comfortable around each other to the point that you can try out different types of kisses without feeling awkward. 

About getting better at kissing, there are various tricks that you can employ to improve your kissing game. These are tried and tested methods that will help you master the art of lip-locking in no time.


The first thing that you should do is to get your lips and mouth in good form. This means that if your lips are dry, you’ll need to get some Chap Stick or lip balm on them to prepare them for the kiss. When it comes to your mouth, you must pay strict attention to your oral hygiene. Nothing has the ability to turn off a partner who’s leaning in for a kiss faster than bad breath. In no universe is it acceptable to try and kiss someone if your mouth stinks. Not only is it in poor taste, it is also quite disrespectful as you’re making your partner very uncomfortable. As such, make sure to brush your teeth and get some mint. Stay away from pungent foods such as onions and garlic but also don’t overdo the mint.

Something else you want to do when prepping for a kiss is set the right mood. You don’t want to ambush your partner with a kiss out of the blue, as very few people can execute this charmingly. The trick is to lead your partner up to the kiss. Maintain eye contact and smile. Be a little flirtatious and touch them a little to break the touch barrier (when you and your partner have never actually had any physical contact). When you are ready to kiss, indicate it nonverbally such as lowering your voice if you are in the middle of a conversation and looking them in the eye to send that signal that you’re ready to smooch.

Confidence is important when it comes to kissing. It does not matter whether you are the best kisser in town, if you are not confident your kissing skills don’t mean much. If you are hoping to have a great kiss with that pretty girl you met last week, you must remember that staying confident and calm is key. If you are nervous, try rehearsing the kiss on your hand or a pillow. Seriously, do it. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You’ll be really glad you did when the actual kiss turns out to be nothing short of memorable.

When your partner indicates that they are ready for a kiss, get closer and lean in for the kiss. Watch your partner to see which side they tilt their head, so you can till yours to the opposite direction. The last thing you want when you’re about to have your first kiss is to bang your foreheads together. This is both painful and awkward. It is also a generally accepted practice to keep your eyes closed during a kiss. But don’t close them too soon. You need to wait until your lips have met your partner’s. 

The close-lipped kiss is usually the first kiss between any couple that has started dating. It is easy, fun and comfortable. Unless your partner indicates otherwise, do not take things beyond the close-lipped kiss. A lot of people make the mistake of pushing the envelope as far as that first kiss is concerned and this comes off as creepy. You don’t want your partner to have the wrong impression of you. If you feel like you are getting carried away, stop. There will be plenty of time for the more intimate types of kissing later on. 

There you have it. If you have always wondered about kissing, then your days of wondering are over. Now it’s time to start practicing and maybe later on, someone will be lucky enough to reap the fruits of your mastery. Happy kissing!


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